Artisan Photography Workshops (Pinhole)

Monday May 16th, 2011




The artisan photography workshops, run by the Imagens do Povo project, have taken place at Observatório de Favelas since 2005, when João Roberto Ripper invited photographer Tatiana Altberg to coordinate the institution’s pinhole centre. In 2006 the classes began to be run by photographer Bira Carvalho, himself a graduate of the Escola de Fotógrafos Populares (School of Popular Photographers) and an ex-student of Tatiana Altberg, with the assistance of Fagner França, also an ex-student of the pinhole workshops. The workshops take place as a result of partnerships with public schools and institutions, stimulating creativity and the photographic eye of children and teenagers. Basic notions for the construction of a photographic image are presented from the starting point of homemade cameras fashioned from alternative materials, such as recycled cans or match boxes. The last edition of the project, which took place in 2012, counted on the support of the Criança Esperança project.

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