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Created by Observatório de Favelas, Imagens do Povo is a centre of documentation, research, training and insertion of photographers from working class areas into the job market. Created in 2004, the programme aligns photographic techniques with social issues, documenting the daily life of the favelas through a critical perspective that takes into account the respect for human rights and local culture.

Imagens do Povo develops activities in the areas of education, communication and art, with the objective of democratising access to photographic language, presenting photography as both a technique of expression and an authorial vision of society. Its critical focus involves the training and promoting of documentary photographers, potential multipliers of this acquired knowledge who are capable of developing authorial work registering working class spaces and valuing the stories and cultural practices of their communities. This encourages the strengthening of links of identity, starting from the use of photographic language, which then become instruments of access and for the mapping of different cultural and social expressions of the territories where they live, therefore amplifying the possibilities for the spreading of new images of these places.

The main projects developed by Imagens do Povo are: the Escola de Fotógrafos Populares (School of Popular Photograpers); Agência Escola; the Stock Agency; Artisan Photography Workshops (pinhole); the Course for the Training of Teachers of Photography; Professional Development Course: Photography, Art and Market; Photography Workshops for People with Down Syndrome and 535 Gallery. These projects are divided into two central axes of the Programme: Training and Spreading.

The collaborators of Escola Agency and the Stock Agency are graduates of the Escola de Fotógrafos Populares.

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